Tales from the Northern Lands

A visually Borderlands inspired Skyrim Overhaul Modlist. Intended to empower the player using SPERG, the True Dragonborn Uncapper Preset and offering ~93,700 weapons and ~91,000 wearables to find.

Tales from the Northern Lands


status version


Here is a sneak preview of the mods included.


Tales from the Northern Lands


This is a visual and gameplay overhaul. But if you came just for the visuals don’t worry I got you covered to, the only thing I can’t do for you is offer support if you add mods to the Basics profile, which is made for everyone just interested in the visuals.

For the visual overhaul I tried to mimic the look of the “Tales of/from …” Series, “The Wolf Among Us” and mainly “Borderlands” with their cell shaded visuals. The visual overhaul I used to create this list Artistic Skyrim Overhaul, was stylized in a for my taste way to reflective way but I liked the textures them self so I have changed most of the normal maps of the textures i came around while testing this list. And thanks to NotSandwich on the WJ discord there are no reflecting textures anymore, due to an INI tweak he recommended.

For the gameplay this list contains mods that intend to make you stronger and feel like and actually special person in Skyrim just like the Vault Hunters and the Dragonborn should be able to feel in their stories. The main mods to achieve this are SPERG, Skyrim Skill Uncapper and the True Dragonborn preset for it. It also features 93,786 different weapons (counting different enchantments on similar weapons) and 91,086 wearables (again counting different enchantments on the same item) thanks to Halgari’s RPG Loot Patcher powered by Noggog’s Synthesis Tool.

I used my other list SME(FT) - Skyrim Modding Essentials (Fixes & Tools) as a baseline to create this. If you are interested in building your own setup or want a vanilla list just with fixes to test your own mods feel free to try it out.

A very new addition to this list is a Basics profile only containing the most important bugfixes and visual mods without the gameplay or additional item mods.
Keep in mind I can’t offer support if you added mods.


So I have created a page where you can share your screenshots of this list with others and I really hope you can help me out or have fun sharing screenshots since I am not the best at taking nice looking screenshots myself. You can make screenshots using the F11 key and find them in the Screenshots folder inside of the Screenshots ! Racemenu Presets ! Game Generated Mod. I have moved a screenshots to this page to never be limited by the space on this overview and instructions page. To learn how share your screenshots check the Contibutng section of this guide.



These steps are only needed if you install this Modlist for the first time. If you update the Modlist, jump straight to Updating.

Installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

I doubt you need to do this since you likely already have this installed. The package is required for MO2 and you can download it from Microsoft. Download the x64 version under “Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019”. Direct link if you can’t find it.

Steam Config

Disable the Steam Overlay

The Steam Overlay can cause issues with ENB and is recommended to be turned off when using and ENB, this list only uses ReShade which makes this step only necessary if you want to add an enb yourself.

Open the Properties window (right click the game in your Library->Properties), navigate to the General tab and un-tick the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game checkbox.

Change Steams Update Behavior

SSE is still being updated by Bethesda (they only add Creation Club content). Whenever the game updates, the entire modding community goes silent for the next one or two weeks because some mods need to be updated to the latest game runtime version.

To ensure that Steam does not automatically updates the game for you, head over to the Properties window, navigate to the Updates tab and change Automatic updates to Only update this game when I launch it. You should also disable the Steam Cloud while you’re at it.

Set the Game language to English

Just do it. This entire Modlist is in English and 99% of all mods you will find are also in English. I highly recommend playing the game in English and I will not give support to people with a non-English game.

Open the Steam Properties window, navigate to the Language tab and select English from the dropdown menu.

Clean Skyrim

I highly recommend uninstalling the game through Steam, deleting the game folder and reinstalling it. You should also clean up the Skyrim Special Edition folder in Documents/My Games/ by deleting the contents in it. Or use Skyrim Shredder to clean everything.

Start Skyrim

After you have done everything above and got a clean SSE installation ready, start the Launcher and and let it do the initial graphics check. Do not worry about this part as the installation will replace this graphics settings. Start the game and exit once you’re in the main menu.

Using Wabbajack


Grab the latest release of Wabbajack from here and place the Wabbajack.exe file in a working folder. This folder must not be in a common folders like your Desktop, Downloads or Program Files folder. It’s best to create a Wabbajack folder near the root level of your drive like C:/Wabbajack.

Downloading and Installing

The download and installation process can take a very long time depending on your system specs. Wabbajack will calculate the amount of threads it will use at the start of the installation. To have the highest amount of threads and thus the fastest speed, it is advised to have the working folder on an SSD.

  1. Open Wabbajack
  2. Click on Browse Modlists, and download Tales from the Northern Lands from the gallery.)
  3. Once the download is done set the Installation folder to somewhere that is not affected by UAC (Please do not put it in Documents, Program Files, Desktop. Put it somewhere easy like C:/Modlists/Tales from the Northern Lands). The downloads path should automatically fill in the installation path.
  4. Click the Go/Begin button
  5. Wait for Wabbajack to finish
  6. If you run into any issues see the next section. If the installation is successful, proceed to Post-Installation.
Problems with Wabbajack

There are a lot of different scenarios where Wabbajack will produce an error. I recommend re-running Wabbajack before posting anything. Wabbajack will continue where it left off so you loose no progress.

Could not download x:

If a mod updated and the old files got deleted, it is impossible to download them. In this case just wait till I update the Modlist.

x is not a whitelisted download:

This can happen when I update the modlist. Check if a new update is available and wait if there is none.

Wabbajack could not find my game folder:

Wabbajack will not work with a pirated version of the game. If you own the game on Steam, go back to the Pre-Installation step.

Windows is reporting that a virus has been detected:

Windows 10 has started to auto quarantine the usvfs_proxy_x86.exe file from the latest version of Mod Organizer 2 saying a threat was detected . This is a known false positive confirmed by the MO2 Devs. You can fix this by adding an exemption for MO2 Folder to your Antivirus. Example for windows defender can be found here.


Copy Game Folder Files

Copy the all of the inside from the Installation Folder/Game Folder Files directory into your game folder.

Mods to tweak to your taste

Customizable UI Replacer

Customizable UI Replacer has multiple good looking presets.

Dear Diary - Paper SkyUI Menus Replacer SE

If you use the Basics profile then you NEED to “reinstall” this mod and selecting everything based on preference and when it comes to the Skills menu choose vanilla, or whatever mods you want to add to it. The default setting for the Skill Menu is Experience + Extended UI in the normal profile but those mods are disabled by default. I a future update I plan to enable Extended UI for the Basics profile since it fixes the missing requirements on some perks that happen due to the font included in the list. I am not sure if I have the font enabled in the basics profile as of right now, but I will update this and the profile once I know for sure, but I thought I should mention that Extended UI is pretty useful for fixing fonts in the Skill menu.


I have included a few presets from the nexus for you to choose in the MCM.


How to start up Tales from the Northern Lands

Head over to the installation folder and locate an executable named ModOrganizer.exe and launch it. Once its launched there will be a dropdown box on the top right and a big run button next to it. Ensure it is set to SKSE by selecting it in the dropdown box and then hitting the run button. Under the run button you can find a shortcut menu that allows you to make a desktop shortcut.


If this Modlist receives an update please check the Changelog before doing anything. Always backup your saves or start a new game after updating.

Wabbajack will delete all files that are not part of the Modlist when updating!

This means that any additional mods you have installed on top of the Modlist will be deleted. Your downloads folder will not be touched!

Updating is like installing. You only have to make sure that you select the same path and tick the overwrite existing Modlist button. Make sure to do backups of your saves in case anything goes wrong.

In-Game MCM Options

Once the game has loaded. Wait until there are no more messages on the top left corner. Then you can hit escape and click on Mod Configuration to continue this section. Mods or sections with (Preference) next to their name is solely preferential and do not affect the balance of the game. MCM Pages not covered here have been left on their default settings by me. You can Tweak those if you want, but if you encounter issues after doing so please revert those changes before reporting an issue.

All Geared up Deriv

A Matter of Time

Archery Gameplay Overhaul

Dual Wield Parrying

Follower Framework(Preference)

Genesis Unleashed

This mod also adds a config book which you either can drop or delete by opening the console(EN Keyboards ~, DE Keyboards ^, the key under the Esc key) and typing bat start.

Only activate if the number of enemies feels like not enough of a challenge.

Immersive Hud


Optimal Potion Hotkey

Set your hotkeys and preferences for how you want to be healed.



Smooth Cam


Ultimate Dragons

Only alter if Dragons feel boring or to hard. (These are settings I tried.)


Widget Mod

XPMSSE (Preference)

Note: Xanza found that using these settings reduces save bloat by quite a bit.

The rest can be set up however you like. I personally have Swords on back

Other Post Installation FAQ

Ultrawide Options

Please note that I do not own a widescreen setup, and thus cannot help troubleshoot this section. These instructions were provided by @Mantis#1337.

Go to the Complete Widescreen Fix page.
Download the following files:

Install the archives with Mod Organizer 2. They will be in the right window, under the Downloads section.
Be sure to RENAME the mods during installation. You can click the dropdown box and select the appropriate filename for each as you install them.

Reinstall DEAR DIARY to select the widescreen options. The default setting for the Skill Menu is Experience + Extended UI in the normal Profile.

Tweaking the Game Settings

I recommend tweaking the Detail section for more FPS(If nothing else worked):

Zoomed in Display

This can be caused by Window’s Display Scaling feature. This usually is set to above 100% when using very large (32 inch++) sized monitors and TVs. There are two solutions to this

Removing the Modlist

You can just remove the MO2 folder and be done with it. SKSE and ReShade files will still be in your game folder so I recommend using ENB and ReShade Manager if you want to remove the ReShade.

Credits and Thanks


While I’m always available on the Wabbajack Discord, I would advise checking the Issues (open and closed ones) on GitHub first if you have any problems. The same goes for Enhancements or Feature/Mod Requests. DO NOT DM ME ON DISCORD. I WILL NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR YOU IN DMS AND I WILL BLOCK YOU.



See How to contribute.


See Changelog.